Monday, June 8, 2009

Holidays to Iceland

Iceland, also known as the "land of fire and ice", is a small island country located in the North Atlantic Ocean. Iceland is a beautiful place- full of amazing natural landscapes, picturesque scenes and stunning volcanic regions. Besides the mouth-water scenery, Iceland also offers a host of outdoor sports such as kayaking, skiing, river rafting, whale watching and trout fishing! So, nature lovers and outdoor enthusiast are certainly going to have a ball over here.

You can take both winter and summer holidays to Iceland. In summer you can take full advantage of long daylight tours while in winter you can explore the ridges/glaciers in the dark! The most visited places in Iceland are capital cities of Reykjavik and Akureyi. In Reykjavik city, you will get to see galleries, museums, public parks, and numerous historical sites. Moreover, you can also enjoy excellent shopping, and a notable artistic scene. You can also pay a visit to the symphony concerts, ballets or opera! You will surely have a lovely time in this exciting place!

One of the prominent reasons for people visiting Iceland is that they can enjoy the luxury at the Blue Lagoon. The Blue Lagoon is a stunning resort located between Leif Eriksson International Airport and the city of Reykjavik. The water at the Blue Lagoon resort is supposed to be full of minerals, offering a calming and rejuvenating experience to the weary traveler. The hot mineral water helps in increasing the blood flow and removing strews from our body.

As mentioned above, Iceland has glorious landscapes, snowcapped mountains and exhilarating natural scenery. The diverse and vast landscape of Iceland offers plethora of opportunities for outdoor activities. Sports such as kayaking and white water rafting are very popular in Iceland. You will come across numerous conservation areas and national parks in Iceland where you can enjoy activities like horse riding, fishing, sea-angling, canoeing, snow mobiling and much more! Whale-watching and dolphin watching are some of the other activities which you can enjoy while present over here.

Some of the famous waterfalls of Iceland are the Gullfoss and the 'Queen of Iceland'. Gullfoss, when lighted up looks very beautiful and magical. These waterfalls are simply amazing and are a paradise for every visitor coming over here! The thunderous Dettifoss waterfall goes one further and is said to be one of the most powerful waterfall in Europe. Apart form all this, you can take a stroll in the gorgeous mountainous regions of Iceland and enjoy the views of the stunning glacier currents flowing past. Iceland is also famous for it's' geysers, especially those found at the town of Geysir. Some of these geysers or hot springs spurt constantly whereas others do not show any activity except for blasting boiling water sixty meters high in the air.

Iceland is a wonderful place to visit and I assure you that a trip to Iceland will be one of the most remarkable experiences of your life! So, go there and have fun!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Things to Do in Cyprus

There are so many things to do in Cyprus. Cyprus is a country rich in cultural heritage and all the tourists who come here to spend their holidays have good time. They really feel so pleasing that they even want to stay here for ever.

I would like to list various activities which you can do here one by one and I hope that you will enjoy reading it.

1.Cultural and historical sights
There are so many cultural and historical sites here in Cyprus. Some of them are tombs of the kings, kourion, agia paraskevi church, kykkos monastery, Cyprus Museum etc. all of these are really some of the master piece and the people loves visiting it. As far as some of them are concerned, they are as old as 20th century. Those who love reading the history must have read about Cyprus and all the historical monuments which I have listed above. If you want to visit all the historical sites then I must tell you that it will at least take one week for you to visit all of them.

2.Have fun outside
There are many things which you can do if you want to enjoy your holidays. There are many nature trails through which you can run and I assure you that it will be a great fun. The Xenobia wreck of the coast of Larnaca is quiet great and you will be extra enthusiastic when you will see it and yes you will definitely love to dive through it.
The Akamas peninsula which is to a picnic spot is also a great place for boating. You can participate in boating whole day and you will not get board. And this is my assurance to you.

Shopping is also quiet common in Cyprus. Pottery, lace, honey, Cyprus delight, hard woven rugs, sweet pastries, commanderia wine and so on. All of this shows us that Cyprus is quiet great for the shopping. You want to drink or you want to eat, there is a lot more things for you. Cyprus is one of the places where the coastal region is very long and hence you will get lots of sea food. In fact Cyprus is really very rich in the seas foods. You will find all kind of sea food.

4.Scenery and beaches
These are the other things which you can enjoy. I must say that beaches are great and you can take the sun bath as well as enjoy the beach life. It is simply great and is one of the best beaches in the world.

I do feel that in any circumstances you will definitely enjoy the visit to Cyprus. It is simply great.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Travel Guide to Beijing

Beijing is the capital of the most densely inhabited country in the world, the People's Republic of China. It is the political, economic, cultural and educational center and also China's most important center for international trade and communications. There are many great historical sites in Beijing, including the Forbidden City, and the Great Wall passes nearby.

Beyond the modernity, Beijing offers bountiful attractions of tourism, including the fast-disappearing hutong, parks, architectural and cultural treasures and exquisite temples. Some of the famous tourist spots in Beijing are:

1.The Forbidden City
This is the number one of Beijing's four must see tourist attractions including The Great Wall of China, Temple of Heaven, and Summer Palace. It is the world's largest imperial palace complex, with massive courtyards and magnificent architecture.

2.Tiananmen Square
This is a very mesmerizing place. On the Northern side of the big Tiananmen Square you can see the big red Tiananmen gate. This is China's one of the most famous views.

3.Temple of Heaven
This elegantly beautiful and iconic temple is situated in large, liberally forested gardens. It is surely one of the great cultural sites in the world. It was built along a north-south, celestial, axis lie the buildings where the Ming and Qing emperors came four times a year to offer sacrifices to the Gods and to pray.

4.The Summer Palace
The summer garden is a showcase of the art of Chinese gardens. It is made up of many interconnected lakes and numerous pavilions, bridges and halls. The gate of this place is unclearly reminiscent of the entrance to the Forbidden City, with an imperial marble bridge crossing the pool.

5.Beihai Park
It is one of the oldest and most genuinely preserved majestic gardens in China, with a Tibetan style white dagoba on the island hill in the lake. The North Shore Beihai Park is arguably the more beautiful and interesting of the two sides. Here you can see beautiful, decorative Nine-Dragon Wall, Five Dragon Pavilion, and many more temples, lake views.

6.Yonghegong - The Tibetan Lamasery
The Yonghegong is one of Beijing's most attractive temples, having started life as a residence for a crown prince of the emperor. This temple is extremely beautiful, but it is heavily commercialized.

The 'Old Summer Palace' has several lakes and rich landscaping. It once had more than 150 scenic spots until destroyed by invaders in 1860 and 1900. Some structures have now been restored.

These are some very exciting and thrilling places of Beijing that every tourist should surely visit.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Places to Visit on the Isle of Lewis

Isle of Lewis lies in the Atlantic Ocean and it is one of the favorite travel destinations of the European people. Isle of Lewis is part of the United Kingdom and the islands lie near the country of Scotland. Scotland is the largest area wise island near to the isle of Lewis. Geography of the country is quite beautiful and many travelers plan the trip to enjoy the magnificent journey and beach vacations. Population can be found mainly in the fertile regions of the islands. There are many dazzling beaches and long mountain peaks. Rugged coastline does not support large population.

Following pointers describe about isle of Lewis:

1. Callanish Standing Stones are the one of the most interesting places to visit in Isle of Lewis. Many tourists use to visit the place and enjoy a lot. Stones are spectacular on the islands and also it is quite distinct for the travelers as compared to other places in Europe. There is problem of transportation on the island for reaching the Callanish Standing Stones so it is advisable to use the private taxi or own vehicle for reaching the place.

2. Calanais is often visited by the tourists and the place near to it called Carloway is also very popular for visit. This place is popular from long time and it is often considered as the place of historical importance due to the structures of stones. You have to take care when you enter the place because of the stone structure.

3. Gearrannan Blackhouse Village is visited by many tourists. It is one of the most wonderful places of the island. There were many buildings built for the accommodation in earlier days but still the place is quite suitable for staying. Definitely people miss the buildings which were present in olden days but traces of cottages can still be seen.

4. Renovation has taken place in the isle of Lewis and as they were many blackhouses in Hebrides, now also people have tried their best to renovate the houses and construct them for living comfortably.

5. You can even visit the great beaches of the isle of Lewis and can enjoy the vacations at dazzling beaches. Beach lovers don't miss the opportunity to enjoy at the beaches. You can even visit the museums having great collections.

You can plan the trip by contacting the travel agents for hassle free journey.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Avoid the Frustration of Long Lines at Disneyland

Disneyland is known all over the world for its fantastic rides and recreational facilities.

Disneyland is liked by children as well as adult. Many people have desire to enjoy the rides of Disneyland and visit the amusement park with family or group. Children use to enjoy the rides by planning the visit in vacations. Season of visit is most important in Disneyland because you may face problem in busy season due to long queues and crowded place. When you enter the amusement park you can find Disney characters walking along with you and this is quite amazing for children.

Following pointers throw light on avoiding frustration of long lines at Disneyland:

1. There are many amusement parks in US but Disneyland is considered as the best amusement park where long queues are quite common. Everyone wants to get the opportunity to reach first on the rides. But large numbers of people enter the amusement park for getting the chance to ride first. You can plan the visit at the time when Disney land gets open for public and can also visit late in the evening when other people get engaged in other activities.

2. There are large numbers of rides in Disneyland but people visiting in mass makes it difficult to get the rides without much wait. It is better to reserve the timings by buying the fast passes. Fast passes is the facility provided by the Disneyland amusement park to avoid the trouble of waiting in the long queues.

3. Fast passes have the fixed time period for which it is valid and person holding the fast passes can reach the rides and do not have to wait in the long queue. Fast passes help in coming in front of the line and preference is surely given to the person holding the fast passes.

4. Long queues are quite daunting for the people coming for enjoyment. Staff of Disneyland is given the duty to distract people standing in the long queues so that the people don't get bored. But all these things don't amuse people when they have to stand for several hours. It is better to book the ticket in advance with fixed timings. You can search internet for more information on Disneyland.

Embark on one of the most exciting and thrilling journey to Disneyland and keep above tips in mind for avoiding long queues.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Holiday Rental Villas in Cyprus

Cyprus is beautiful island nation boasting one of the most wonderful beaches and destination spots for travelers. Cyprus is former British colony but now it is independent nation and part of European Union. Cyprus is known for the large number of tourists from different parts of the world especially from European nations. Millions of tourists visit the island for enjoying the wonderful vacations. Nicosia is the capital city and native people use to speak Turkish and Greek. World class facilities and exquisite rental villas attract travelers to spend lovely vacations.

Following pointers describe about the rental villas in Cyprus vacations:
  1. Cyprus is famous for the rental vacations because of the large number of options available in the present world. Rental vacations are liked by the people due to affordability and facilities provided by the rental villa owners. You can search the rental villas for spending long vacations with all sorts of facilities within the budget.
  2. Coastal area touches the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and therefore climate of the island is really wonderful. Long coastline has huge scope for the large number of rental villas and this helps in getting the valuable discounts from the villa owners.
  3. Coral Bay villas are popular in Cyprus for getting the affordable stay and other handy amenities. Rental villas are hired for special occasions too in Cyprus. Wedding ceremonies are organized in rental villas. The size of the rental villas is important for organizing the events and people easily get spacious rental villas for big events.
  4. Pervolia and Kato are the favorite destinations of people who like to enjoy the services of heated pool rental villas. Large area is given to the maintenance of greenery and sunbathing for the tourists in the rental villas. You can visit Secret Valley resort in Cyprus for enjoying the vacations to the fullest.
  5. Transportation system is wonderful in every part of the island and you can easily reach the rental villas in the distant places. Villa Club is one of the popular rental villas where excellent food and drinks are offered to the guests.
  6. There are many companies which provide holiday packages to the travelers who like to enjoy the good time in Cyprus. You can get the cheap deals through internet. Couples and families like to stay in the rental villas and get full privacy.
Although there are many hotels in Cyprus but people like to enjoy the rental vacations in Cyprus.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Camping Trips

Camping is an exciting and adventurous trip especially to hilly areas or even damp, rocky areas. It gives such a nice experience as it includes hiking, trekking, bungee jumping, riding bicycles in mountainous areas, discovering something unusual; see different species of animals, thus suited for the ones who love to be free and independent and alone in all those camping trips.

Your camping trip can be friends and families, and even some schools and colleges also provide summer or winter camps for their students to give them a whole atmosphere how to guide themselves during any unfortunate situation, or if they get trapped in forest or desolate areas or if their ship gets wrecked. Camping gives you a thrill and enthusiasm which is completely different from other vacations.

Before you all go on camping, it is advised to do research about the place where you are going and make proper arrangements for air reservations, hotel reservations etc., take passport, visa and other important documents with you and do not forget to get yourself insured for medical insurance.

It will be correct to hire best tourist guides and believe in the trusted travel agents only who are providing camping trip packages and then take the correct decision to go for it. The camping trips are sometimes risky and in order to prevent any danger first make a list of all the things you all need to take to your preferred area.
  • When going on camping, wear full sleeved shirts and full pants in order to avoid mosquito bites in the moist and damp areas.
  • Sometimes various reptiles and bugs or even poisonous snakes can prove harmful for your health.
  • You all should do a light packing to prevent heavy luggage problem as you all are going on camping but not to stay there. Instead of that keep all those useful materials and kits which will help you a way long on your trip. The very first thing to keep is travel kits such as toiletry kits, few personal skin care cream to prevent sun tan or skin irritation in the hilly areas, medical kits i.e. mini first-aid box, a complete tool kit having sharp knife, axe as you will need to cut branches or trees if needed.
  • Even keep instant food packets with a few disposables and pans to make quick food. You should not forget to keep matchstick to light wood at night as it desert camping or hilly areas it becomes chilly.
  • The very important thing to keep is the sleeping bag, camp bags, ropes in order not to make wood homes and waste your times and try to carry all such stuff in waterproof bags.
  • For camping trips famous areas such as Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Alaska, Australia providing so serene and exotic camping locations to go and enjoy wild and thrilled life living full of zeal and interest but it should not convert into a nightmare because of less preparation and less research to the place where you are going.
Thus camping gives a different look and feel to our vacations and is completely outstanding as compared to other land vacations. Its popularity is gaining day by day among students and kids as they learn to be independent, learn a lot, how to make themselves safe in case of any danger and to be courageous enough.